Administrative Division is compromised of Sheriff J. Kent Oberkrom and additional civilian support staff that are responsible for the day to day operations of the Sheriff’s Officce including budget, resourse allocation, purchasing, civil process and CCW permits.

major Robert Hills

Patrol Division is comprised of Major Robert Hills, 4 first line supervisors and 11 deputies. They are responsible for calls for service, processing arrest warrants and conducting follow up investigations on open cases. Within the patrol division are two K-9’s that assist with tracking and narcotics detection.

Captain Sam Boyd

Detention Division is comprised of Captain Sam Boyd, an operational Sergeant, 4 Corporal Supervisors and 16 Detention Officers. They are responsible for the day to day care of inmates, facility security and processing arrestees into and out of the Detention Center. They are also responsible for the operations and security of the entire Sheriff’s Office/Detention Center complex.

LT. Leonard Kubilus

Investigations Division is comprised of Cpl. Leonard Kubilus and two additional investigators assigned to work both felony and misdemeanor cases. The Investigations Divisions works closely with the patrol division where Major Robert Hills provides oversight of both divisions. The Investigations Division is also responsible for narcotics investigations working



Court Services Division is comprised of Cpl. Sgt. Aaron Richardson and one additional bailiff. There primary function is to provide safety and security for those appearing and/or attending our court processes. In addition to securing our Courtrooms, they are responsible for transporting inmates from the Detention Center to various hearings. When not in court, this division also serves civil process and transports sentenced inmates to the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Cpl. Cheryl Brown

Pre-Trial Release is comprised of Cpl. Cheryl Brown who is assigned to the courts to supervisor people on pre-trial release. The pre-trial supervisor also assist in the court in the selection of inmates who may qualify for pre-trial services. In 2022 the pre-trial supervisor was moved to the Courthouse to better communicate with the courts on client progress in the program.  On January 1, 2023 the program was moved completely to the courts.