The Henry County Sheriff’s Offices provides full law enforcement services to the cities of Windsor, Calhoun, Urich, Montrose and Deepwater. In addition, code enforcement services only are provided to the Village of Brownington. Each entity pays a fee into the County Treasury for these services. Windsor is a 24 hour a day coverage contract, while the other communities are patrolled a few hours each day with a total hours per month cap.Our contract services first began in 2000 and included the Cities of Windsor and Calhoun. Since that time, the other communities have entered into contracts with the Sheriff’s Office. These contracts are allowed by state law when the Sheriff, County Commissioners and a City agree to the terms of the contract and enter into such.

In addition to the contract for services, a contract to enforce municipal ordinances within these cities is also necessary as the Sheriff’s Office does not otherwise have any authority in the law to enforce municipal ordinances.The United States Army Corps of Engineers has maintained a contract for patrol services in and around the campgrounds and other public access areas of Truman Lake for several years. These include Sparrowfoot Campground and Boat Ramp, Windsor Crossing Boat Ramp, Bucksaw Campground and Cooper Creek ATV Riding Area. This is a seasonal contract typically beginning in April and ending in September and allows the Sheriff to enter into a contractual agreement with the Corps of Engineers.Other Contract Services include those services that we provide to private citizens or entities for security or additional patrol. These contracts are managed by the Sheriff’s Office at an hourly rate to cover the overtime for staff and the use of county owned equipment. Fees for these services are paid to the County and not to the individual deputy