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Criminal Investigations: The Criminal Investigation Division of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the follow-up investigations of all reports filed. Detectives are also responsible for filing all cases with the Henry County Prosecuting Attorney. When a report is filed with the Sheriff’s Office, it is reviewed by a Detective and then assigned follow-up, if needed. Once a case has been fully investigated and suspect identified, the Detective will prepare the case for submission to the Prosecuting Attorney. Detectives are also responsible for the tracking of all criminal investigations to make sure that all leads in a case are completed in a timely fashion. Any crime victim who has questions about their report should call the Sheriff’s Office and direct their call to the Criminal Investigation Division.

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Domestic Violence Prevention: The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has staffed a Domestic Violence Support Office for the past 5 years. This position is funded in part through a grant from the Missouri Department of Public Safety under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) which are federal dollars channeled down through the states for programs that prevent and/or assist victims of domestic violence. Approximately 63% of the salary, cell phone and pager expenses for this position are funded by the grant. The remaining 37% is funded with matching dollars from Henry County Government.Over the past five years, this program has seen many changes. One of the most significant changes in technology came with the implementation of the VINE program in 2003. This program will eventually link all county jails and state penitentiaries into a common databank that victims can register with. Once registered, a victim will be notified, by the computer system, of changes in the status of a person in custody. The information that follows describes the program and how to access it.

Vine System (

VINE stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday. It gives you the ability to check an offender’s custody status 24 hours a day and also gives registered users notification of changes in an offender’s custody or case status. Unveiled in 1994, VINE serves 36 states and is now available in Henry County. Touch-tone phones are recommended to access the system.You can register so you are notified of offender changes by calling MOVANS (Missouri Victim Automated Notification System). It is a free and anonymous call and has 24-hour operator assistance. To get started all you need to provide is the offender’s full name. You may need to provide an offender’s date of birth, offense date, or arresting agency in some cases. Once the offender is found, the system will provide you with the offender’s number, which will eliminate the search process the next time you call.The following information can be provided by calling MOVANS: current custody status, offender number, housing location, scheduled release (when available), parole eligibility date, sentence expiration date, court event information, list of victim service agencies for additional assistance. Offenders located in the Department of Correction will be on-line later this summer. You may register an offender after locating their offender number with MOVANS. The VINE system will then contact you in the following instances: release from custody, escape, return to custody, home incarceration, work furlough, court events, death, transfer, court appearances, and scheduled release dates. Just give a phone number that can reach you directly and set up a four digit PIN number and the system will call that number with various calling patterns when information is available and will continue to call until your PIN number is entered. More than one phone number can be entered. For phones with caller ID or anonymous call block, a number with the 502 area code will show.If you move or change your phone number call MOVANS to update your information. If you find that an offender has transferred to another facility you will have to register your offender again. This system is going through changes, but it will be very beneficial to many people. If you know of anyone that may benefit from this, please give them this number 1-866-5-MOVANS (1-866-566-8267).

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Contract Services: The contract calls for the addition of one full-time deputy to assist the Sheriff’s Office in providing for services under the terms of the contract. The Sheriff’s Office will has the authority to enforce municipal ordinances for the City of Deepwater under the terms of an “Agreement to Enforce Ordinances” that the Board of Aldermen and Henry County Commissioners approved.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has been involved in contract law enforcement services since 2001, when the City of Calhoun first signed a contract. Since that time the Cities of Windsor and Urich have initiated contracts between the Sheriff’s Office and the Henry County Commissioners for law enforcement services.

Contract services for the Sheriffs Office has a current operational budget of over $300,000.00. This growth has provided the Sheriff’s Office with several challenges that had to be met. The first and most important was the hiring of additional staff and training them for our organization. The second was the on-going management and evaluation, given the growth we have experienced. Our Performance Based Evaluation procedure has been a great asset in maintaining a focus and direction during this time of growth for the Sheriff’s Office.

We have re-organized our administrative staff to include two Sergeant positions to assist in supervising each shift. All of these additional duties and expenses associated with them are being funded out of the monies received for contract services.
The most positive issue for the Sheriff’s Office has been the ability to do more for all citizens of Henry County. Our response time to most calls for service has been reduced because we have more of a presence out in the county traveling to and from our contract areas and from within contract areas.Contract Law Enforcement services seems to be the direction of the future for many local units of government. Sheriff Offices are able to provide for better training and salary opportunities for their staff and eliminate the administrative overhead for the municipalities that they serve.The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be a front runner in the endeavor to provide professional law enforcement services to local units of government.

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Court Services: The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is charged with courthouse security and to serve as Bailiff for the Circuit and Associate Courts. In the past the Sheriff and his deputies attended court when needed to provide the function of Bailiff.

In the mid 1990’s, due to increased court activities and case loads, then Presiding Circuit Judge William J. Roberts andSheriff Jack Reynolds entered into an agreement for a full time Bailiff position.

The role of the Bailiff is to maintain security and order in not only the Circuit Court but is also in Associate and Municipal Courts and the Courthouse in whole. The Bailiff’s duties include:

• Transporting in-custody persons to court hearings
• Jury trials
• Juvenile hearings
• Traffic and misdemeanor dockets
• Municipal dockets
• Felony dockets
• Probation hearings
• Courthouse security and supervision

Currently, Sergeant Brian Bigler serves as Bailiff for the Courts. When not performing his duties as Bailiff, he is free to assist the Sheriff’s Office in the other day to day activities of the Sheriff’s Office.

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Corps of Engineers: The Henry County Sheriff’s Office provides for the regular patrol of the Corps of Engineers property located within Henry County. The lake patrol usually begins in mid-April and continues through September of each year. The patrol effort occurs on weekends until Memorial holiday weekend when the patrol efforts increase to every day through the week and two shifts on the weekend. This patrol activity continues through the Labor Day weekend when the patrol function drops to weekends only.

Areas receiving extra patrol in accordance with the contract are Bucksaw Park, Sparrowfoot Park, Windsor Crossing and Cooper Creek riding area. The contract allows for nearly 30,000 miles in patrol efforts annually.

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Reserve Deputies: The Henry County Sheriff’s Office utilizes the services of several Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s. These position require a Class B license from the P.O.S.T. Commission. A reserve deputy is required to perform eight hours of duty time each month with the Sheriff’s Office in its various operations.

Reserve deputies assist with prisoner transports, court security and patrol operations. The reserve staff is supervised by Sgt. Tim Eaton. For information call the Sheriff’s Office during regular business hours.

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Sheriff's Posse: The Henry County Sheriff’s Posse was organized in 1995 by Sheriff Jack Reynolds and has continued under the direction of Sheriff Kent Oberkrom. This civilian group is responsible for providing horseback services for the Sheriff’s Office. The group is active during the summer months in the Operation Cash Crop program by riding in areas where marijuana may be growing. These areas are many time inaccessible by motorized vehicles and horseback provides a greater area of coverage. The Sheriff’s Posse also has the ability to assist the search for a lost or missing person in remote areas of the county. The Sheriff’s Posse also participates in many parades throughout the county during the spring, summer and fall festivities. Currently, Deputy Cunningham is assigned as the liaison between the Posse and the Sheriff’s Office.

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Administrative Services: The Administrative Secretary is primarily responsible for the management of the bills, payroll and personnel records along with completing all financial reports for the several grants of the Sheriff’s Office.Currently, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office manages the MOSMART and STOP GRANTS, for which the Administrative Secretary is also responsible for reporting. This position is also responsible for civil process. For information about fees, please call us at 660-885-7021 or go to "SERVICES" tab on this web site.

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