Here are a few facts about former Sheriff's of Henry County.

The following is a list of all former Sheriff's of Henry County.

Sheriff's Name Years Extra notes
Joseph Fields 1835-1836 Not elected; was appointed
Nathan Fields 1836-1837 Appointed after death of Joseph Fields in 1836
Robert Allen 1837-1840  
Phillip J. Buster 1840-1841 Served one year
William R. Owen 1841-1844  
Robert Allen 1845-1848  
William R. Taylor 1849-1850  
John M. Van Hoy 1851  
Dewit C. Stone 1854  
William R. Taylor 1858  
Jasper N. Coats 1862 Resigned
Samuel K. Williams 1863  
James M. Miller 1866  
Henry T. Dodson 1868  
John Curtis 1871  
David T. Terry 1873-1876 Elected twice (2 year terms)
William B. Calvird 1877-1880 Elected twice (2 year terms)
Ambrose B. Hopkins 1881-1884 Elected twice (2 year terms)
William J. Elliston 1885-1888 Elected twice (2 year terms)
James H. Calloway 1889-1892 Elected twice (2 year terms)
James. E. Bennett 1893-1896 Elected twice (2 year terms)
Jerry G. Calloway 1897-1900 Elected twice (2 year terms)
Isaac Adair 1901-1904 Elected twice (2 year terms)
Jesse D. Hall 1905-1908  
J.D. King 1909-1912 Acting in 1909
John C. Pepper 1913-1916  
Warren T. Runner 1917-1920  
Glen E. Runner 1921-1924  
Jay Markle 1925-1928 Lived in Urich
August Kahmann 1929-1932  
Sterlin V. Harness 1933-1936  
Dalton Davis 1937-1940  
J.D. Teays 1941-1944  
Robert M. Eberting 1945-1952 Served two, four year terms
Everett W. Austin 1953-1956  
Lawrence W. Sartin 1957-1960  
Wilbur R. Schmidt 1961-1980 Served five, four year terms
Peter R. Werner 1981-1984  
Jerome H. Wareham 1985-1992 Served two, four year terms
Jack M. Reynolds 1993-1996  
J. Kent Oberkrom 1997-Present