Administrator: Captain Sam Boyd
Capacity: 112 beds, both male and female.  Separate 6 bed work release area.
Contracted Services: Food and Medical services to meet required ACA standards.
Fees: $45 per day + medical costs.
Current Facility Constructed 2010



We are a postcard priority facility, unless it is legal mail which will be received and sent out in secure envelopes. The postcard needs to be a standard size postcard all white in color with a return address listed, any mail received without a return address will not be given to inmate but put into their property. Pictures will need to be brought into our facility in person, standard 4x6 size pictures or smaller. Email service is also available for you to use to send correspondence to someone in our facility. All text email up to 500 words will be given to an inmate if they elect at the rate of $.30 each. Also pictures can be sent the same way and will be at the rate of $.50 each picture.  The email to use for this service is hcsojailmail@gmail.com.  In the subject line put the inmate’s name to whom it is meant for. Reminder all correspondence is open to be searched at all times for safety and security purposes.